The life’s work of Rav Meir Shapiro, notably his Daf Yomi program and his model Yeshiva Chachmei Lublin, continues to inspire and to effect virtually all of k’lal Yisroel with its innovation and love. But no seminal film had been made to celebrate his life and work.

That has now changed. Better World Productions has just completed the production of a feature documentary based on the life and works of one of our most beloved gedolim. The film was decades in the making: Twenty-five years ago, interviews were filmed with Rav Meir’s talmidim that capture their first-hand accounts of Rav Meir’s love and inspiration. Those interviews form a key element of the film.

With this film, Rav Meir’s biography, his projects, and his legacy will have a renewed impact on the world. Whether you are a musician interested in his inspiring nigunim, a funder who wants to help bring stories of achdus and chizuk to the public, or a viewer who wants to better understand recent Jewish history and one of it’s stars… we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey.

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Only with Joy

the life and legacy of Rabbi Meir Shapiro zt”l

is presented by…

The Rabbi Leib Geliebter Memorial Foundation.  The RLGMF  was founded in 1989 in memory of Rabbi Leib Geliebter zt”l, a scholar whose deep and abiding faith and love for every Jew were manifest in his spiritual heroism in the bleakest hour of the Holocaust and in his decades of rebuilding.


Of all Rav Meir Shapiro’s great accomplishments, perhaps least known today is his music. He composed scores of nigunim at every phase of his short life, nigunim that gave him and his talmidim strength in the face of their challenges, and joy in their celebrations. Our film is inviting contemporary Jewish musicians to interpret, and perform these timeless melodies. Their performances will become part of our film, and the recordings are being compiled as a unique and inspiring CD.

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Dedications for the film are available to honor or memorialize loved ones.

Only With Joy is dedicated to the memory of R’Michoel by his son, Motel Tenebaum, and family.

לזכות רפו”ש

לברוך יחיאל בנציון בן מירל שליט”א

From the Fishoff Family Foundation

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